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Old Danish pointing dog

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The breed

The old Danish Pointer is an all-round hunting dog belonging to the pointing dogs. It is a working dog that requires daily activity and exercise to thrive. Its sense of smell is legendary and considered superior to that of other pointing dogs. It is a passionate bird finder with an alert and strong point. Its built makes it strong and persevering, and it is almost tireless during hunting. With its well-developed sense of smell, the breed is also highly qualified to track wounded game.

The Old Danish Pointer is easy to train as it has a strong desire to please its master. It is a loyal dog; it lovesits family and bonds closely to the entire family. The Old Danish Pointer is a loving, devoted dog that makes for a wonderful family dog as it easily adapts to home life with its calm, stable mentality.


The Old Danish Pointer is calm, solid, determined and brave. During the hunt, the speed is average, not fast but the search for game is thorough. It keeps contact with the hunter and performs its job as pointing dogwithout creating unnecessary disturbance in the field. It is equally suitable for large as well as small hunting grounds.


The breed traces back to approx. 1710 when a man named Morten Bak from Glestrup, a small town
between Randers and Hobro in Jutland, through eight generations crossed gipsy dogs and local watchdogs. The result was a purebred breed of white and brown pointers called Bak dogs or Old Danish Pointers. Local farmers called the watchdogs “bloodhounds”. However, it is likely that these bloodhounds were the offspring of landowners’ hounds that carried significant strains of Sct. Hubertus dogs(bloodhounds). It is also assumed that the gipsy dogs primarily originated from Spanish Pointers and hound breeds as those mentioned before, and, as a result, many dogs contributed to the strains of Sct. Hubertus dogs present in the Old Danish Pointer.

Contact to the danish club

For more information on the breed, or if you are interested in buying a puppy, please do not hesitate to
contact the Danish club for the Old Danish Pointer.

Send an e-mail in English. Use this link: Contact


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